Health and Medical

Healthcare is undergoing some of the most massive changes in industry history, and AEX Capital offers healthcare consulting to help you lead the way. We bring deep knowledge, independent thinking and hands-on consulting experience to help you transform tough challenges into competitive strengths that result in higher quality and lower cost. We offer variety of services within Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals and Medical devices.

Our expertise include:
  • Marketing, Distribution and Licensing: Market forces are driving the need for healthcare providers and payors to acquire, engage and retain customers like never before. In bringing together our retail healthcare expertise. AEX Capital is uniquely qualified to help you develop and execute on your marketing, distribution and licensing strategy.
  • Efficiencies & Cost Reductions: Everyone talks about operational efficiency, yet major gains remain an elusive opportunity for most healthcare organizations. We bring the insight and expertise to move beyond short-term fixes, making transformational gains that lock in desired changes and increase efficiency for the long term.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory and compliance initiatives are often affected by changing mandates and external deadlines.Superior program leadership capabilities enable an organization to either get ahead of the changes or respond in a more nimble manner than their competitors. While many organizations are only focused on meeting the deadline, we help our clients think forward and focus on understanding impacts so they’re better positioned to meet mandated timelines and plan for what comes next. We work with a variety of healthcare clients, leading numerous initiatives that address regulatory and compliance mandates with a focus on both short-term and longer-term impacts to their organizations.
  • Using Sustainability to Bend the Cost Curve: Environmental sustainability programs can and should provide a return on investment, and they can be started simply and practically, leveraging resources already available. We help health systems right-size their environmental sustainability programs to fit enterprise plans, align with organizational culture, and streamline operating models.